Russian lady makes delicious Dal Baati

Ekaterina Raman, is a Russian lady living in Madhya Pradesh, India. She showcases her life in India on Instagram. Her Instagram account is full of her travels to various places in India.

Recently, she posted a video of making dal baati for her husband which looks amazing.

We all know the versatility of Indian food, but we also know that it requires a whole lot of patience to cook. Taking to Instagram, she shared a video of herself cooking this lovely dish.


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A post shared by Ekaterina Raman (@foreignerinindia)

The video starts with her preparing a dough as she kneads dough and ghee together. Now she adds dal to the cooker and starts chopping onions and tomatoes for tadka. She cooks baatis on a traditional kitchen tandoor. After that Ekaterina tosses the pieces of baatis into ghee. And serve it with tasty dal.

In her post’s caption she mentions that she prepared a green chutney but could not fit it into the short video.

Ever since she uploaded this video, it has more than 10,000 likes and several comments. Many people have praised her for her cooking skills. Some of the reactions were:

“Some Indian girls can’t do this so we’ll Kudos”

“Love for daal baati”

“Congrats, your first food making video”

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