This Father’s Day, take care of your father’s health

Father’s Day is a special occasion honoring fatherhood. Father’s love has given us the ability to believe in ourselves. Alas, it becomes our responsibility to take good care of their health and wellness.

This Father’s Day, express some love and concern towards your father’s health and wellness with a few tips and tricks.

Focus on diet and exercise: Diet and exercise plays a crucial role in life. Make sure your loved ones are consuming a healthy diet and doing 30-60 minutes of exercise every day. This also prevents chances of a variety of health conditions like diabetes, heart attack , etc.

Daily screenings and tests: Don’t ignore your regular tests and screenings. This becomes even more crucial as you age, especially after 50. Regular checkup will help your doctors know better about your overall health.

Avoid alcohol and smoking: Make sure you limit alcohol consumption. On the other hand, usage of tobacco in every form is dangerous. There are programs available to quit this costly and life-shortening practice. It becomes necessary to quit smoking today, as your heart and lungs will get the rest they deserve.

Sleep well: Make sure that you sleep well, sleeping is important for recharging the body’s system. Good sleep improves brain performance, health, and mood.

Combat stress: Make sure that your superhero is stress free. Increased economic pressure and responsibilities lead to stress. Make sure that your father is practicing yoga and meditation regularly. This helps combat stress. Also, spend some quality time with your loved ones instead of spending time on laptops and phone screens.

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